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Laboratoire Gibro S.A. © 2012   •   Entre-deux-Rivieres 10  •  2114 Fleurier  •   Switzerland
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Ph: +41 32 552 02 90
Fax: +41 32 552 02 99
Laboratoire Gibro S.A. is a well-established SWISS laboratory that creates, manufactures and distributes skincare products since 1979. Its expertise in working with natural essential oils and plant extracts helped in the development of unequaled know-how in the creation of “energetic” products. The key brand, PHYTO 5® is recognized as “World leader in energetic, natural and holistic skincare”.

The factory is ideally situated at Fleurier, in the Swiss mountains near Neuchâtel. This place is a gift from nature where water and air are prestine. Thanks to the best quality standards and the procedure that contribute to the protection of the planet, Gibro received the much coveted Ecocert and Cosmebio ecological and organic certifications (according to ECOCERT Standard available at http://cosmetics.ecocert.com).

Our team of scientists create with passion, new and improved skincare products that work on the skin as well as to balance the vital-energy. That is the success and uniqueness of PHYTO 5® products based on the energetic truth that “BEAUTY IS HEALTH MADE VISIBLE!”

Our research and development laboratory also creates private label products in different area like face-care, body-care, hair-care, spa or bath products.

Jean-Daniel Bartl, Chemist,
Director of Laboratoire Gibro S.A.